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Want to withdraw money from my limited account


Want to withdraw money from my limited account


When I created our PayPal  account I created it with the business name craftynunsnh. This is an account set up for our little online shop.

After a few months Paypal asked for proof of identity. I submitted a copy of my passport, a utility bill. This seems to be ok but then I received the dreaded red flag asking me to submit identification for craftynunsnh.  I contacted PayPal and had 3 long conversations explaining that crafty nuns is the name of our business and not my name. They refuse to release over £400.00 of our funds because i did not use my birth name for the business. I tried to give them as much proof and gave them links to see where the PayPal account is assigned to. My last call, the gentleman said the funds would be allowed to to be withdrawn after three months. This time has passed and nothing?  I have since opened another PayPal account with no problem. I made the mistake of using the shop name instead of my own.  Is there any way i can withdraw my funds and close the account.

Thanks for your help