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Want to re-open a closed dispute


Want to re-open a closed dispute

I bought something from someone, and it never arrived. I opened a dispute, and the seller said they shipped. So, being trusting, I closed the case. Unfortunately, it is weeks later and I have still not received my item. They did not provide tracking. I would like a full refund, but I closed the case and I know how paypal is about this.

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Re: Want to re-open a closed dispute

Don't hold your breath... they didn't take my dispute seriously. I was never given a chance to provide documentation and then I was told that since my escalated tickets had already received a decision by PayPal (within 24 hours of escalation) I would not be able to dispute it again. I don't understand why PayPal has become so absent of customer service.

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Re: Want to re-open a closed dispute



The only time PayPal lets you open another dispute for the same item is if the first dispute was for an item not received, and the second, for an item significantly not as described.


There is no guarantee they will allow this to be reopened. You can try calling PayPal to tell them what happened and ask if there is any way they can reopen the dispute.


Here is a PayPal link with calling details.