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New Community Member stolen money follow via Paypal

Hello everyone,

On 14 July 2020 at 02:28:30 CEST I bought seven items from that cost me 955 SEK ( Swedish Krona).  As you know never send the purchased order confirmation directly to your email. Instead you could follow your order inside their server at


Two days after, on 16th of July they refund me 8 SEK to my paypal account as one of the item ( 5 SEK value +3 SEK shipping) cancelled by them.


Around 3-4 weeks ago, I noticed one of my item does not even listed in their order list ( somehow they totally deleted that). So basically they took money ( 326 SEK in value) out of 955 SEK for nothing. If I add the current order list items + shipping costs it would be 629 SEK. 


I sent them email (As their phone number is just an automatic answering machine)  more than 10 times and they always answer in a childish way and totally unrelated to my questions. I recently brought this subject to Paypal. I am waiting for the result yet but my question is that how could get my money back. Does Paypal guarantee  that I get this compensation by considering the complaining time ( 28th of August where the purchase is happened on 14th of July).  I also should mention that I still did not receive one of the items ( beside of the one that is totally removed from my order list in their website but they charged me for that (326 SEK ))

Thanks guys,


Boycott please!