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Very Disappointing after all these Years


Very Disappointing after all these Years

I Have been using Paypal for Years and trusted the site but Now the trust has come to an end. I bought these item paypal transaction id: 6DK304159L791172T from Nanchang Etron Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. using Paypal services.
Initially had some trouble receiving the item so I wanted to cancel the order however I received item delayed after contacting them at <removed>. I returned the item on the same return address it came with it via Hermes Postal Service to

I got confirmation of signed delivery from Hermes but I didn't receive any refund. So I opened a dispute Case ID: PP-D-60777561 in Paypal and provided the Hermes receipt number: P2385675 instead of tracking number: 866248924701448.

When It was declined saying ("we did not receive valid proof or tracking that you returned the merchandise") I contacted Paypal on message centre and chat with Vanessa <removed> and told her I had mistakenly provided wrong tracking number so she asked me to send all the evidence on email:<removed>and she said she received the evidence and will attach the files with note in my case file for the review.
I don't know may be seller sent different return address to Paypal and different to me. The question is why would I send the item to someone's address which I don't even know.
However next day it was declined again and for the same reason, when I messaged again Vanessa <removed> disappeared and Nick <removed> took over.

When I asked Nick <removed>, they had no files I sent to Vanessa <removed>on both email and Message Centre. So, he asked me to resent all the evidence of returns on Message Centre. I sent him all the evidence and he also said all those evidences will go on my case file notes and will be looked at properly this time and he closed the conversation. Today it is declined again. Seller has again new email address <removed> which I have contacted on as well.

I wanted to post all the evidence here so that everyone would know about both Paypal and whoever the seller is, but looks like I can't post pictures.

I trusted Paypal so I bought from shopify using paypal but Paypal is not as good as Amazon in terms of customer service so guys avoid Paypal as much as possible and look into Amazon first if you want to buy something .

My point here is Paypal Appeal team and online agent are not doing their job properly. I think all those evidence I sent has never been uploaded to my case files and if they have been uploaded then #Paypal has become rubbish, a joke.

Paypal if you are reading this and don't believe me you can go and check message centre all the evidence are there.

In the first place, #Paypal should never allow random seller, they should verify strictly before they allow seller to their platform. i also searched their company name and tried to visit their store from email I got and they are nowhere to be found.
So Paypal should be accountable for this cause I wouldn't have bought without using Paypal and now Paypal is responsible for all those people I have found here like me who trusted and used their service #ShameOnYouPaypal.

Seller information:<removed>
Invoice ID
Purchase details
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Nick <removed>8:17 PM
You can send it here so that I can attach it to the case while re opening.
Raja <removed>i8:20 PM
so I have provided all the evidence now, hope these will all go the case since I can't add them. If you want, I can also send a screenshot of different email that seller replied when i asked them why the delivery has not been made yet?
Nick <removed>8:22 PM
Ok sure thing I will attach it right now to your case.
Nick <removed>8:29 PM
Thank you I will provide that as well to your case.






Re: Very Disappointing after all these Years

I had the exact same experience!  I can not believe that PayPal would not protect their customers, especially when we are all complaining about the same issues.  I am going to AMEX to see if they can assist.   

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