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Verify account

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Verify account

I received an email telling me that there is unusual activity in my account so I have to verify it. It has paypal logo but not address of paypal. I went to the site, again it doesn’t show that it’s a paypal site, then I was asked to verify my name address and card information. I stop filling it up as I thought it could be a scam or my details will be compromised. Please help. Thanks
Volunteer Advisor

Re: Verify account

Emails from PayPal will always address you by your first and last names or by your business name.


Sounds like you clicked on a phishing email and were sent to a fake PayPal website.


You said that you started filling in information so it would be a good idea to change your PayPal password if you typed it into the fake website. Also, check for any unauthorized activity and run an antivirus program.


If you typed your card details you would want to tell the issuer of your card about this. 


Here is a PayPal link with more details on how to spot fake emails. You can forward the email to PayPal so they can take the fake website down.