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Using two different Paypal - one for personal/one for community

New Community Member

Using two different Paypal - one for personal/one for community

Hi Community,


I operate two different Paypal accounts - one is my own personal account and the other is one I operate as the secretary of a community guild. We use it to collect dues from the members.


I have gotten a notification from Paypal to let me know that as Im being sent a certain amount of money that exceeds limits set by European law, they need to verify my identity. When I followed the steps and gave them the info they needed, they emailed me back to say I need to submit a name change request as the details I have entered in are for a business as opposed to a personal account. I imagine that I must have started a personal account when I first set up the Paypal for the guild. 


I don't want to set up another personal account as I already have one so I don't want things to get mixed up. I think the issue might be that the guild account is connected to my bank account as we don't have one of our own. I'm not sure what the right way is to deal with this. Ultimately I would like to have an account that is for the guild, not me? Is this possible with a limited company?


Any help or suggestions you have would be very much appreciated.