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Updating my name

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Updating my name

I set up an account years ago using my tribal name when I moved to the United States. I understand the issues with security and using unofficial names. fast forward years later when I try to update my name I am asked to upload name change documentation. none of my official documentation changed. I am trying to access my account as a friend sent money into the account already. I am given different instructions on completing different things. while all my Bank cards on the account have had my legal name on it but updating my name is still the biggest problem because I do not have documentation showing the change. I understand it is for my own security, as a customer and a college student I am struggling to access my own funds. 

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Re: Updating my name



Your name on PayPal account should match name on your official documents and financial info (bank, credit card) which you will have documentation to prove the need for the name change. Change your name on bank and credit card to match your official docs if need be.


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