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Updating a claim

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Updating a claim

I was wondering if anyone knew how to update a claim. I opened a claim after I placed an order in April. Originally I never even received shipping information and the seller never responded to my emails. I later was sent an email with shipping information from PayPal however it has been over 2 months and the item has not even updated and left the country of origin. I'm nearly 100% the website was a scam. Whenever I open my dispute center the final decision date keeps being pushed back. Originally it was the 26th of May and then the 6th of June and now it has been pushed back even further to the 9th of June. I want to update my case or be able to get in contact with someone at PayPal (the call centers are all still shut) and see when I can get my money back. This was my first time using PayPal and I think it will be my last as I'm still waiting to hear if I will be able to get my money back!


Re: Updating a claim

Me too, this is absolutely ridiculous, sort this out Paypal, The seller has had my goods back weeks and still no refund, Paypal just keep moving the resolution date out and I can't speak to anyone. What a farse!

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Re: Updating a claim



Paypal it appears are inundated with claims mainly from buyers that bought tat from these China websites or Social Media ads !
So all claims are being pushed back unfortunately.

As long as yours has been escalated from a dispute to a claim, and is still being reviewed then you have the chance of a refund.
Sadly you will have to wait it out in the long queue though.  

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