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Unresolved issue! Unauthorized purchase!


Unresolved issue! Unauthorized purchase!

How can you charge me for something that i don't even know anything about?  NORD VPN? I never once gave any of my information to another person, not even my husband. So how do you figure that it was" authorized" purchase? I did not authorize the purchase therefore, it was unauthorized.  I do not understand any of this !!  I really did not want to have to do this but i guess that i am going to have to close my pay pal account.  Because I have had my PayPal account for about 6 years and never have i ever been able to use it as a credit card with a limit.( so to say).  When i say I don't understand that is just what I mean.  I have a charge on my account for something that i have never used nor did I know what it was.  NORD VPN?  OK, so how do I get billed for something when i have never been able to charge anything in the past?

That is all that i want to know?  Does NORD VPN have some kind of special ranking with PayPal to the point that someone that has never been able to establish a credit limit suddenly does have a credit of the exact amount $125.64  and it just so happens to be the exact amount that i was supposedly charging to have NORD VPN?  If this is the way that PayPal handles all of their disputes then i don't need anything that you have to offer.  If you can't find anyone else to take care of or to investigate any of your disputes then i am sorry to say that I must go..  



GOODBEYE PAYPAL,  thanks but no thanks,  oh yes and you won't be getting a dime from me!!  WHY?? Because i never did authorize anyone to use or to pay anyone anything to NORD VPN!!I can't believe that you can't find anyone to investigate your disputes any better.