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Unresolved complaints

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Unresolved complaints

I raised a dispute when I didn’t receive goods I’d paid for via PayPal. Within 2 days my claim had been “denied” because apparently the supplier had provided shipping transaction details showing delivery, yet I didn’t receive the item. I have tried to find a way to challenge this but keep going round in circles. Does anyone know how I can get someone to talk to, or who can answer my questions? I’ve been using PayPal for years and never had a problem like this 

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Re: Unresolved complaints



What you have to do is go to the shipping company and find the whereabouts of your package. If there is evidence/documentation if fraud or some kind of misdelivery. Then file a report with, pdf the docs for uploading.


Go to the Resolution Center to the closed case to see if you can appeal it or message PayPal by hitting the “bell icon” in your account to appeal. If that doesn’t work, and you paid with credit card, file a chargeback through your card issuer.

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