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Unrecognised Payment

New Community Member

Unrecognised Payment

Hi, few minutes back, I received a notification from you saying I have paid £12.60 to Ebay Limited. When I haven't bought anything from Ebay in years. Can you help me find out why I am paying this £12.60 and if it is a scam or not....




Re: Unrecognised Payment

Hello @Ollie7,


I am so very sorry that the Community did not respond to your concerns in a timely manner. If you still need assistance and because it is a matter of security, please report the transaction as unauthorized and change your password. Because the payment was to eBay, I would also strongly encourage you to cancel any billing agreements to eBay. 


How to change your password and security questions:

Reporting an unauthorized payment:

Closing a billing agreement:


If you need any assistance at all with this, please follow the Help & Contact link at the bottom of the page.


Thank you so much, and I am truly sorry that you experienced this. 




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