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Unprofessional Conduct Eleenonline


Unprofessional Conduct Eleenonline

I bought and paid for a baitcaster reel on 20th July after seeing an advertisement on facebook, After I had waited for around three weeks i contacted them and requested a tracking number, a tracking number was eventually supplied but the status of the package didn’t change for a further 20 days, the status just kept saying that the package was in Beijing.

After contacting eleenonline multiple times informing them of the problem, and getting promises of help, I told them that as I had not received the goods after 40+ days I requested a refund.

As soon as I sent this I started to receive emails like the one’s below, (I have a suspicion that these are auto generated.)


(Basically, we are not responsible for the shipping cost. We said that we only pay a part of the shipping cost because of your shipping cost. After all, when we send it, we also pay a lot of shipping cost. If you dont want to share the shipping For the return shipping cost, then you can consider the partial refund we proposed before, or what do you think of the 75% refund?

Thank you)


(If you are unwilling to return the goods, we can resend it to you, you can keep the goods or give it to someone else. 100% refund Our requirement here is to receive the returned goods. To save your time, we can give you a 65% refund. Hope you can understand.)


(We need to return the merchandise for a full refund, (We only bear part of the return shipping cost, please pay for the excess cost.) Do you think it is okay? After the goods are sent out, please check the freight bill number for us. After verification, we will refund you in full.)


(Bearing in mind at this point I had not received anything so obviously had nothing to send back, (this is why I think that these emails are, in part at least, auto generated or this is just part of their stratagy.)


Then on the 09th September I finally received a reel, unfortunately not the up market baitcaster that I had ordered, but a $20(aud) cheap plastic spinning reel which is nothing like the Baitcaster I paid for.


Currently I can find the original reel I wanted, still for sale by other companies, with exactly the same advert and videos that eleenonline used but I cannot find their advert. Could it be that they plagiarised their original advert, surely this would amount to fraud ? 


After receiving the wrong reel i sent them more emails requesting a refund and at this point there was a pattern that developed from eleenonline where they would not answer anything I wrote in my emails but rather just sent the same five types of email repeatedly.

In these emails they demand that I pay the shipping cost but don’t supply a return address when requested.


Having(now) done some research on eleenonline there are 12 pages of complaints in the paypal community web page, it appears that the pattern is


  • Sell a product.
  • When asked for a tracking number they either don’t supply one, supply a non existent one or take a long time to send it.
  • In almost all of the cases on the PayPal community web site if the buyer actually receives something it turns out to be an inferior product or not what they bought, one guy says he received a “rag”
  • Eleenonline then play the buyer by e mail hoping that they accept the discounted refund out of frustration.
  • If that fails and the goods are actually returned eleenonline then inform paypal that they did not receive the goods so therefore do not need to give a refund.


My status now is at the last two stages, they demand I return the reel for a refund but wont give a return address, if I do send it back I suspect that they will say that they have not received it so I still wont get refunded.


I refuse to accept a discounted refund as I have acted in good faith throughout this and they have not sent what i paid for.


At this point I request paypal to do three things.


Blacklist this company if thats possible, my issue is obviously not an isolated case, this company adopt the same strategy multiple times so surely paypal can stop dealing with them and have a warning on the paypal site for anyone that is preparing to pay eleenonline about their conduct, if I had had that warning I would not have procedded.


Directly address my issue with eleenonline and assist in getting my payment refunded.


Send me a waiver so that I do not have to return the reel that I received until I have been refunded.


If anyone has any other suggestions i would be happy to listen, 


Thanks in advance