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Unknown charges not from my account

New Community Member

Unknown charges not from my account

I'm seeing small charges on my bank statement from Paypal anywhere from $1-$10 that date all the way back to June... I don't see them on my current account/ email. So these PayPal charges are coming from somewhere I cant recollect. About 2-3 times a month I check my bank statement to see if I notice any suspicious activity and I've never noticed these charges before. I know the immediate reaction would be that someone has access to my account. But sometimes I'm forgetful and maybe didn't realize that I created another account or something, so I'm just curious if I can find out what these charges are coming from because then maybe I'll be able to remember if it was actually me or not. More then likely I have been compromised, but I'm hoping I'm wrong and don't have to deal with this mess.


Re: Unknown charges not from my account

I don't have a solution but this lead to my bank closing my account and creating a brand new one. I had that first account since I was 16.