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Unknown charge on my credit card

New Community Member

Unknown charge on my credit card

There is a charge on my credit card that appears to be from PayPal but the charge is not on my PayPal account. On my credit card it reads : PAYPAL *PPGF GF[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]DC.   Additionally, my PayPal account is NOT linked to this credit card, it is linked to my checking account. Any ideas what happened and where I begin to get this resolved?


Re: Unknown charge on my credit card

Hi @yocyhbr


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There are two scenarios that could have happened here. The first could be a genuine payment made using our Guest card payment service offered to many merchants. This is when a card payment is processed by PayPal without the cardholder creating an account. So please check your emails around the same timeframe to rule out a payment you made yourself. 

It could also be that it was added to another account either someone you know or a stranger. So please check with family members or friends that might have access to your card. 

If you have ruled out all genuine possibilities please contact our support directly. You will find the contact details in the Help section of your account. Please also contact your card issuer to cancel the card and review other payments.