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Unilone - Never delivered a facehugger mask!

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Unilone - Never delivered a facehugger mask!

I ordered a facehugger mask from them via a Facebook add. It looks like the alien from the movie Alien. They gave me a tracking number and sure enough a package arrived. It contained a super cheap pair of sunglasses and nothing else. Their website does not sell sunglasses. I contacted their service via email and they want me to accept a 50% refund. They keep responding and basically this seems to be a scam. My total was $25.00. The spend $3.00 send you something dirt cheap. They plead it was a mistake and say the shipping was so much they cant refund you your total amount unless you spend the money to send back the cheapo glasses. So now they get the glasses and you have spend more on the shipping and you are out of all the money. I am sorry I ever even considered this purchase. 

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Re: Unilone - Never delivered a facehugger mask!

I’m in the same boat, and PayPal has denied me access to filing a problem since I initially had filed that it was never delivered. I’m incredibly angry about the situation and have absolutely no idea what else I can do.