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Undelivered products


Undelivered products

I posted earlier about a company I though was a scammer as I did not receive my lysol products. The tracking stated item was delivered. However after further investigation from the post office it was delivered to the wrong address. They gave me a google map showing the address it was delivered to along with step by step tracking which I have given to PayPal. PayPal is now stating they cannot accept that as proof and the post office says that's the best they can do. PayPal is giving me three days to show proof otherwise they rule in favor of the seller. If I did not receive my item, then the seller should file a claim with the post office for wrongful delivery. I have been inconvenienced by not receiving my products now I have to play detective. What is wrong with this picture. This is totally unacceptable. I seriously contemplating better call Harry on CBS 46 to make other customers aware that PayPal is not a customer friendly company.
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Re: Undelivered products


To submit an appeal on the dispute that was closed, PayPal asks that you obtain a detailed report from the shipper/courier (on their letterhead or some other form of official stationary) that includes the address the seller gave them for the shipment. Or one that includes a statement mentioning your address and saying the item was delivered to a different address.
Check tracking in below link to see where it went.

When you have that, contact PayPal via phone (log on to your account and click Contact at the bottom of the page, however that may not be an option at the moment due to covid), or via Facebook (send a Private Message to PayPal) or via Twitter (send a Direct Message to @AskPayPal) and say you want to appeal the denial of the dispute based on the shipper saying the item was delivered to a different address. Once it's submitted (you will be provided with directions on how to do that), the dispute will be reviewed further and a determination will be made.

You also have the option to contact your card issuer if you funded your paypal payment that way and see if they will do a chargeback for you.

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