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Unbelievable. PayPal has locked my funds for 135/180 days now.

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Unbelievable. PayPal has locked my funds for 135/180 days now.

PREFACE: As someone who has worked in customer service, I must say the PayPal support team is absolutely incompetent and pathetic. I am becoming more and more infuriated with this service with each generic copy & paste response I receive, all of which do not address my actual issue. I'm still entirely unsure how COVID-19 is making it impossible to have an conversation on the phone, but that's not the focus point of this post. 


Using MY own credit card from MY own business account, I sent MYSELF $100 (i.e- I sent $100 to a personal account to avoid activity on the Business account that was unrelated to the business itself). Immediately the personal account I created was frozen and the funds were locked.


After contacting the brain-dead customer service, the only answer I got was that the funds were being held a full 180 days in order to avoid risk of reversals. 


I am the owner of BOTH accounts, so denying me the funds on the basis of "risk of reversals" makes absolutely no sense. I was both the sender and receiver of the $100 payment, so to claim that the funds are being held in order to avoid a reversal does not make any sense, as I can ensure that will not happen (being that I am both parties involved).

How in the world could a "chargeback/dispute ... be filed against [me]", I sent a payment on MY credit card to another PayPal account that is MINE. I can verify that I am the owner of both accounts any way you need me to. I am not following this logic whatsoever.


They have yet to reply to my recent message, as logic is not something they are able to follow. 


I am disgusted with PayPal and will be using my platform on all socials to discourage everyone from using this disgusting website. Tragic.