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Unauthorized transaction was claimed authorized


Unauthorized transaction was claimed authorized

I reported someone unlocked my phone and sent money to themselves with 30 minutes of finding this out. How does PayPal have documentation that this didn’t happen when I called customer service on the phone verbally telling them that this payment should not go through. PayPal is now asking me to pay $250 when I know for a fact that I caught this transaction before my bank could process it. PayPal is the one at fault because they decided to front the money before my bank could even process it. If they sent that person the money then they could just take it out. I told my bank to put a stop order on PayPal so this transaction would not go through. PayPal paid this person anyway. That is not my fault I notified PayPal within 30 minutes. I would like to know how a phone call telling PayPal someone unauthorized accessed my PayPal account and sent money to themselves is not sufficient evidence. I feel I should not have to pay this claim because I notified Paypal this transaction was not my doing before my bank could take the funds from my account. Which means PayPal wants me to pay them back for a mistake they made. I verbally told PayPal not to pay this person. Why was that not considered during this investigation?
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Re: Unauthorized transaction was claimed authorized



Transfers from bank accounts are never instant, that is why when you buy something paypal always credit the seller/recipient upfront for you and paypal take the wait for the funds to transfer to pay them back again, this is so you get any item without delay.

Can't see how its paypal fault you didn't have a secure password to protect not only access to your phone but also access to your paypal account on your app or you allowed someone access to it. Think you need to take responsibility for your own actions on this one.


Paypal can't cancel completed transactions and this one completed as soon as you made it, paypal then waited for the bank transfer to process to pay them back again.

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