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Unauthorized transaction dispute rejected


Unauthorized transaction dispute rejected

What do you do if you kmow you didnt authorize a transaction and they debited yiur accoubt anyway and paypal denies yiur claim? Also the company seems like they scam people feom what i am reading.


Re: Unauthorized transaction dispute rejected

Hi Momol1, 


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum and welcome as a new member! 


There are different dispute types on PayPal. An unauthorized payment is if a payment was made on your account without your knowledge, your full account is reviewed to confirm the unauthorized activity before a refund is issued. If you made this payment yourself there would be no evidence of unauthorized activity on PayPal and the claim will be denied. 


If you made this payment yourself but have not received the goods/services you paid for or the purchase is not as described you can report this to us also. As the transaction has already been disputed on PayPal once it will not be possible for you to dispute it again on your account and you will need to contact us via phone, email, Facebook or Twitter for further assistance. 


- Siobhan