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Unauthorized purchases of Gift Cards

New Community Member

Unauthorized purchases of Gift Cards

Yesterday an internet criminal, (I have another name for them that I can't use here), made hundreds of dollars of purchases of Gift Cards using my PayPal credit cards and debit cards. When I try to report them on the PayPal resolution center it seems that I can't because they are Gift Cards. I have never, ever purchase gift cards, never mind on the same day. I have tried to delete all of my cards on PayPal do the criminals can't go in again and use them. There is one that won't delete that I need deleted. I need to speak to a PayPal representative and the recording says they can't help me at this time.


To say that I am distraught and upset would be a huge understatement!! 


I have naturally cancelled all of my cards that were associated with PayPal, but still want the last one deleted.


I also have a dispute from august with a purchase from China when I did not receive what I ordered but other products that did not at all match what I ordered. That has also never been resolved. 


I trusted PayPal. It has disappointed me to no end!!