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Unauthorized Transaction


Unauthorized Transaction

To paypal Team,

Unauthorized payment using my account.My Email has received a description of this unauthorized payment.I checked this payment.I called the bank customer service.They said that my country individuals cannot join any international stock market. Not allowed to deposit money in my country for international markets. Deposits are banned for the international stock market. I clearly informed to paypal team about that.

I have been informed many times to this unauthorized payment using my account. But still not resolve this problem.When I tried to log into my account that day,I could not login.That means someone has used my account. Password has been changed.
Please tell me, how do you say this transaction was not unauthorized?.I'm worried about your actions. It is highly doubtful whether you will protect the stock market. I have no confidence for paypal. Therefore I will be create legal action against you and this stock market company. I will file a case against this misconduct In my country.
I have not made any payments after 2018 using this account. I have using PayPal 3 and half years. But never used international stock markets. I have only used for eBay. Because PayPal doesn't support receive, withdrawal money, for my country. Therefore why deposit money for market?.I want to my money. 
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Re: Unauthorized Transaction



Contact customer service for assistance:

Click HELP on top menu, scroll down to click CONTACT US, and then scroll down to click CALL US and select the PAYPAL GUEST option since you are locked out of that account. Do not be logged on to any account when accessing the guest option as PayPal cannot discuss another account through another account.


Explain that your account was hacked and the password was changed so you can't access the account to update password but received an email notification of an unauthorized transaction as a result and want them to re-investigate the account.


While Sri Lanka accounts cannot withdraw or receive payments, however is it possible to send money or make payments online for goods and services with linked funding sources.

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