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Unauthorized Login, Unauthorized Transaction, Account Deactivated by someone


Unauthorized Login, Unauthorized Transaction, Account Deactivated by someone

Hello friends from around the world. My name's Redzuan. I need opinion, suggestions or anything I can get from you guys.


This is my first topic & it's going to be a long one so please bear with me for few mins. On May 25th I tried login in but fail (Some of your info is incorrect. Please try again), I tried forgot password but my mail was not found, I tried forgot email & entered my 2 email addresses I regularly use but none was found in paypal system. At that time I didn't suspect anything, maybe paypal is doing maintenance or something.


Then on May 27th I receive an email from a website that sell cdkeys for PC games thanking me for purchasing with them. FYI, I'm more into console & mobile type of games, not so much with PC. I checked my email & searched for the email address to see if I ever register an account on that website but only 1 result found which is the "purchasing notification" email. I suspected that my paypal account was used by someone or worse case hacked. I can confirm that when I see my bank card statement today that a purchase was made on May 25th via Paypal.


I even found something interesting. These things happened on May 25th. Purchase was made on May25th. I can't login into my account on May 25th. Since that person manage to have access to my paypal account therefore I suspected that person deactivate my account the same day after making purchase & that's why I can't login and my email/account is not in Paypal system. I then re-register paypal account using the same email address as my previous account, to my surprise registration was successful. Isn't that weird? But what's weirder is every purchase or transaction made via paypal then paypal will email us the receipt or invoice right? But since that day until today I didn't receive any receipt email from paypal for the unauthorized purchase made on May 25th. The last transaction I made was on May 7th & yes there's receipt email from paypal.


For extra precaution I've changed my password, set up 2-step authentication on my new account. But the problem is does anyone know how can I make refund for the unauthorized amount? As I mentioned I registered new account using same email so Resolution Center is no good for me as there's no transaction records or activity. Therefore I don't have proof in transaction, all I have is a bank statement stating purchase made on May 25th via paypal.