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Unauthorised transaction

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Unauthorised transaction

Ok so I have had an unauthorised transaction via my PayPal, I have reported this and in just under a couple of hours without so much as asking for any information PayPal must have had Colombo on the case as they have closed the case as authorised. My phone was stolen and I had to be issued a new phone, I also had to have a nee bank card as that was also compromised, I even had a crime reference number. This is absolutely shocking and reeks of PayPal trying to brush it aside, I’m absolutely livid, what are their appeals and complaint procedure? As I will be pushing this and contacting the ombudsman, PayPal are a shocking company.
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Re: Unauthorised transaction



You are responsible for the safety of your paypal account.

If your phone was lost then your account would still be safe if you had a strong password NOT saved on your phone.

If not and this led to your account being compromised OR your card being compromised then that is your responsibility and paypal would not cover you for a refund.

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