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Unable to upload documents

New Community Member

Unable to upload documents

I have already uploaded ID as proof of identity and it went through. I tried uploading the proof of address and it just won't go through. It says something went wrong, try again. I have been trying, again and again, clearing cache and nothing.

I contacted customer care and they say the only way to upload the document is through the portal given. THE PORTAL IS NOT WORKING! They also say, I can upload through the resolution center but my resolution center says THERE ARE NO CASES IN MY QUEUE!

I am so very frustrated with PayPal. They are not helpful.

We are in the middle of COVID. We need what we have earned to buy food and PayPal just does not care.

They do not offer solutions to a problem that's obviously there. They throw you from one agent to another every time you chat with them.

For a whole week, I have been chatting with these people and literally there is no solution. You either upload the document the way they want it, WHICH I HAVE BEEN TRYING AND UNABLE TO, or you don't get your money.

Anyone who can help me? I am so frustrated.