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Unable to close inactive acct due to limitation


Unable to close inactive acct due to limitation

about a year ago i made this paypal acct because i'd heard a lot of options with paying for stuff are a lot easier using paypal. ive put my full name, home address and phone number on this acct as requested, but the acct itself has gone largely inactive since i created it, save for a single purchase from 6 months ago which went through with no qualms.


around early december of last year my account got limited due to security reasons. i haven't looked into it until now simply because i have other programs i use for payments. i'm assuming the single transaction over the 9-month period was suspicious enough to lock my account. to me, this is a completely valid reason to limit an account, and i understand the risks of suspicious transactions on this platform, so i'm not trying to dispute the policies in place.


the problem i'm having currently is that i want to close my account. it's been inactive for pretty much a year now, and i don't want or need it as of currently. however, with my account limited, i'm currently unable to close it without verifying my identity. is there any way i can send in a support ticket or something to shut down my acct without the extra hassle?? sending in the extra verification feels redundant to me if my entire goal is to close the account and not return anyway.