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Unable to begin eBay return

New Community Member

Unable to begin eBay return

I purchased an item listed in eBay as NWOT, but today when it arrived it is not new, was previously worn and has damage. The seller agreed to a return and full refund. The issue is:


My initial paement was overcharged by $2.00 and the seller issued a refund via paypal. Because of this refund via PayPal, the eBay Return button won't work. Ebay says I need to go through PayPal since they issued the $2.00 refund due to the overcharge. But, there's no refund showing on my PayPal account. So, now i'm not getting any help and nowhere/phone number to get customer service to help. 


Without the ability to get the Return started, I can't start the return for getting my funds back. Anyone know what I an do?