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UPS Fake tracking number scam, PayPal denied claim


UPS Fake tracking number scam, PayPal denied claim

Got scammed with fake tracking number and Paypal denied my claim. I bought a graphic card from the ebay seller whose profile stated they were in the United States. Eventually the shipping information coming out of Jacksonville was uploaded after I requested refund for item not received. I bought one of these Graphic cards as did 55 other people from the same seller all sold on the same day. Seller was with 50 positive reviews of cheap items. Since then 18 negative reviews for seller, all from people scammed like me who bought the same card and other items sold on the same day by the same seller. The surprising part is Paypal seem to be backing the seller because all they can see is delivery to the same zip. Actually, they just closed my claim and looks like don’t even give me the change to appeal it and provide evidence that the item actually was not delivered to the address.

I am not sure how the seller does it, wonder if they work for UPS or know someone who does. 

I filed a claim with PayPal because their protection promise says I can open a dispute if my order never arrives. I want UPS to send PayPal the proof that it didn’t arrive to my address, but all ebay and PayPal required is a tracking number loaded and shows delivered.”  I think this isn't a simple mistake. I also discovered that paypal doesn't even list any contact information or no one will return my emails, there is no way to contact them and they don’t want to give you any chance to prove otherwise and provide evidence. 

When I was buying there was a clear notice saying "Buy with confidence, this item is covered by money back guarantee if item not received". What their guarantee actually means “Buy at my own risk as there is a really high risk of being scammed and getting ripped off”.

The thing is any thief can open an account on eBay, advertise non-existent stuff, have people buy and pay them and doesn't even need to do anything else because  paypal will back the thieves.

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Re: UPS Fake tracking number scam, PayPal denied claim

I had the same thing happen, only mine was a valid tracking number, but it was for a different item to a different address, the item shows delivered, so PayPal closed the case because the item for that tracking number was delivered.


I order a Table Saw, weighs way over 50lbs, the item with the tracking number was just Ounces, this was not the table saw, it was not the right address, it was not even the right name. How in the world can PayPal deny the claim?


Claim Number Case ID: PP-D-102584271.