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Trying to make a counter-offer

New Community Member

Trying to make a counter-offer

Hi there,


I bought a Nintendo Switch in July, for $199.00... or so I thought. It was taking quite a while to get to me, but then I noticed it was coming from China -- I'm in the U.S. -- so I figured I'd wait a bit before filing any complaint, especially considering the pandemic. But about a month ago, I finally sent them an email asking what was up, got no response, and so opened up a complaint with Paypal. The seller responded to them, at least: with a tracking number.


Long story short, what arrived a few days ago was a chintzy little clear plastic iPhone cover. So, prompted by one of the options on the screen, I proposed a "partial refund," one where I'd get a refund of most of the cost, subtracting from it the value of the plastic thing which I'd keep -- which, I don't know what it's really worth, but I estimated it at one dollar, proposing a $198.00 refund.


The seller didn't accept this; they proposed that they'd give me a full refund, but only after I mailed them their phone case back. I really don't want to wait for the thing to ship back to China. I just want my money back. Hell, I'll even pay more than the stupid piece of plastic is worth just to be done with it.


But I don’t see any way to propose this. All I can do is either accept the proposal or close the case, neither of which I want to do. What can I do?