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Trying to cancel pending payment for canceled purchase


Trying to cancel pending payment for canceled purchase

Grrrr! Bought something on ebay for my son to surprise him.  Well, the surprise was on me.  He said he didn't want what I bought. It was 6 MINUTES since purchase when I contacted the seller and also went through ebay for a cancelation.  The seller "shipped" the item already so the cancelation was denied. No way he shipped it.  A label was likely just automatically created for the purchase.  I contacted the seller 3 more times to cancel.  No response. By his feedback, in which he responds to people with the same answer every time, he doesn't speak English, yet he's in Kentucky.  


Can't cancel the transaction on PayPal, ebay is no help (as the seller has supposedly "shipped" already), and now I have to wait until the 8th to get a refund.  I'm so hopping mad right now.  I can't believe there's NO ONE AT PAYPAL to answer the phone.  This is ridiculous.  The whole Covid excuse is getting old.  Customer service by phone is up and running at literally every other company but PayPal.  I used my PP Debit MasterCard for the transaction, and even they aren't answering the phone.


I'm ready to scream.  Why is it so hard to cancel a transaction on ebay with PayPal?  I have learned a lesson here...DO NOT EVER SHOP WITH EBAY.