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Transaction is ineligible for PayPal's Buyer Protection

New Community Member

Transaction is ineligible for PayPal's Buyer Protection

I recently purchased wireless earphones. After paying for the item, I received no communication from the seller at all and after attempting to contact them and not receiving any response a dispute was launched through the resolution centre. After 10 weeks the item finally arrived and I immediately cancelled the dispute.

I have since tried using the earphones and they are of very poor quality - not as described at all. I have attempted to contact the seller yet again to request a return - however no surprises - no response. I have now tried several times through the Resolution Centre to report a problem, however after filing out all the questions I then receive an error message saying 'Something went wrong . Please try again'. I have just noticed in the resolution centre each attempt is listed in the case closed area. Reason for it being closed: "transaction is ineligible for PayPal's Buyer Protection".

Why is this?? Just because the I initiated a "item not received" then finally receiving the item - is it no longer eligible for a return when the item is not as described??