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Totally Scammed


Totally Scammed

Luxury Lounging Camping Chairs I ordered we’re nothing like described on website. Said they were coming from TX with immediate shipping. When statement came I saw that it was from Asian seller. Totally scammed. I will not be doing business through PayPal again. You can **bleep** be one time but not twice. Shame on you.
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Re: Totally Scammed



You have to be very careful of the random sites you buy from and check them out via a web search thoroughly before buying on the domain name/merchant name. There are many sites who say they ship from a certain country but are sold by chinese sellers.


If you shop around long enough you can tell which sites are for real or not. Weird, nonsensical store names or names that are the name of the generic product are suspect. Grammatical/spelling errors are also suspect and too good to be true pricing. If you see search results from scam alert pages, you know something is up. Try to buy direct from manufacturers/brands or stick to stores that are reputable. You may pay a bit more but have way less chance of being dissatisfied.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂