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Top-up balance not updating


Top-up balance not updating

On November 26, I used Paypal Top-up to add €50 to my Paypal account. This money has effectively gone off my bank account. It still hasn't arrived on my Paypal account, which shows no record of any activity. I now see in the help center that Paypal is "unable to continue offering me their services due to the nature of my business". I'm not sure what this is related to, I have no business and haven't used Paypal in years. If I can no longer use Paypal, will the money that I "topped up" ever arrive on my account, or will it automatically be transferred back to my bank account? Also, why is the "top-up" functionality even available if I'm apparently unable to use my account?


I have already sent 3 messages through the message center with this question, and have each time gotten an automatic response. The response mentions that, if I'd like more information, I "simply need to reply to this email". When I do so, I get the same automated response.


I have also tried calling customer support, where a robot voice told me "no help is available" and hung up on me.


I am at a loss on how to contact Paypal for this. I really don't care anymore about the account limitations, if I have to remove my Paypal account that's fine, I just want my 50 euros back.