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Too good to believe.


Too good to believe.

Yeemall Trade Co Ltd - selling laptops I-5 CPU w/8GB memory and 128GB SSD for $18 - is this legitimate?


Re: Too good to believe.

Hi,Do you have any information about Yee Mall trade ?

I was ordering 3 items and hope it is no scam.

Last year i was ordering a similar item , also for a low price,

the send me a cheap 1 USD sunglass, it was another Company name.

I claim the money thrue Paypal


Re: Too good to believe. Yeemall Trad Co

This place is a scam. They said they sent me an item that I never received.  They gave me a fake traking number and said it was delivered.  Buyer beware!


Re: Too good to believe.

No, not legit, scammer and fraudulent store. I already open dispute for this store

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Re: Too good to believe.

Complete scam order a table recieved a blue cloth there now trying to say it's a shipping mistake dont believe them trying to make a claim through paypal

Re: Too good to believe.

I wish I could attach photos - I am laughing at what they sent me! I order a storage unit (buy one get two free) and they sent me a small green cloth!! I raised a dispute initially because I hadn’t received my units and 7 days later a cloth turned up! I assume so the company can say they sent my item, who knows!! Kicking myself for believing an advert I’d seen on social media would actually be real. Whilst it traded online under one name, the payment went to another company, and the parcel they sent with the cloth then had another company name on it. Lesson learnt: use a reputable known company in the first place!
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Re: Too good to believe.







Chinese Web Sites or on Social Media ads easy to spot (once you know the below signs) so buyer beware.

1. No return address on the returns policy. The site will look as if its in your country (where they despatch goods from) but they will ask for returns to go back to China (returns depot) at a shipping cost often more than the item is worth.
2. No contact telephone number. if you click on contact the most you will get is webmail or an email address.
3. Rarely company address information.
4. Great pictures of items at bargain prices that turn out to be tat.
5. Fake reviews.
6. Google and you can often see previous company names as they change them once enough claims roll in and Paypal stop them using their services and start over.
7. Send fake tracking numbers to win item non receipt of item claims.

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