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To get refund or forget about it?

New Community Member

To get refund or forget about it?

Hi community,


I was scammed during lock down, I bought two items from the same seller on social media advertisement (to the external link). It was too good to be true, price, postage and item descriptions etc. 

However, the seller has never sent out the items what I paid for. Instead, the seller sent out junks (even those were delivered broken) for one purchase. The second item has never been arrived. I sent emails to the seller but no responses. Hence I raised Paypal dispute cases on June 8, 2020.

Now the seller finally responded. I was offered full refund if I return the items back to the seller. So I must return those broken plastic pieces back to China with extra money from my pocket to cover the return postage. And even the second item which I have never received!

Now I am speechless and don't know what to do.

Do I have to return the rubbish with extra packing and postage from my pocket to get the refund - more than the total refund. Yes the second item has never delivered. How can I return it? Or simply forget about it and let the scammer keeps the money. Either way, I am the loser. 


Any advice please? Thank you so much.