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The scammer jiangongshan


The scammer jiangongshan

This is the product I bought



Before anything else there are legit companies that sell this products. One being

but there are also scammers who uses their ad video to lure victims to fraud


i am sooo mad he hasnt been prosecuted yet. He uses a cheap trick. These are all the websites he uses to lure people in.


here is the quote unquote reason why he always got away with it. 

“The fake stores lure potential victims to them by advertising on social media with ridiculously low prices that are too good to be true. Once the potential victims place an order, their money will be taken from their accounts but they will never receive their orders. And, if the fake stores are contacted, the scammers operating them delay the victims from opening a dispute with their banks to recover their money, by claiming their order are on the way when they were never shipped.

In some cases, the tracking number given to the victims are fakes. In other cases, the victims are given tracking numbers from other legitimate stores that show the orders were delivered, but those numbers have nothing to do with the fake stores, and the scammers never sent their victims' orders.
And, if the victims open a dispute with PayPal or their banks, the financial institutions may believe the victims are lying because the tracking numbers show the orders were delivered. Yes, the orders were delivered, but the tracking numbers have nothing to do with the orders made at the fake or fraudulent stores.“


this company has **bleep** over people who uses paypal. So i decided I will do the research. I searched the company the seller said he is from


Shenzhen Jiangongshan Network Technology Co



This is literally the first thing that showed up.


A thread in paypal. About buyers asking to be refunded from scammers. I cannot make this up. Pls paypal listen to your consumers. Some of them werent even refunded at all. 

  • who exactly is jiangongshan

well he is infamous in facebook for selling wigs. He uses fb as advertistment to lure his buyers to websites that are scummy as **bleep**. This was the fb he uses to advertise 


some buyers that were angry.



It was even on youtube. And a lot of the commentators were people who got scammed.




This is the list of videos when i searched his email on youtube.

Its fricking videos of how to avoid scams.




The website I bought the product from was taken down. I made a dispute but paypal was fooled cause he gave me a tracking number which i found out recently that he uses another item from another company product as a tracking number to make you think the product is arriving at your destination. 

i know the tracking number is fake but paypal is fooled. I dontknow what to do