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Terminated account please help

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Terminated account please help

Hi all, I have been using my account to sell items on websites such as eBay, until I received an email saying I needed to prove my identity. I sent in a photo of my passport that was very clear to see, however I was told later that week that my account was to be shut down. I have a lot of money in the account that I needed fairly quickly, so I called them up. The advisor told me to send proof into a link she gave me to appeal the claim. I did so and a week later they still hadn’t responded, so I did it again. Another couple of weeks passed and I still had no response, until I stumbled upon a page which said my closure can not be appealed against. I have still never been told why I needed to show proof of identity. Please could anyone give advice on what to do, as I need the money and believe it will be released in 180 days. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Terminated account please help



Nothing you can do unfortunately except wait 180 days to remove your funds  Smiley Sad

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