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Temporary limitation has been placed on the account

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Temporary limitation has been placed on the account

I put together a pay pal that isn’t in my name as it was a holding for a group of friends to put £20 in and the winner of the private gaming tournament we done would take all the winnings. Everyone put the money in the account and one of my friends won but now all the cash is stuck in the account! The account isn’t in my name so I’m unsure how to verify it. I have tried adding a bank card but it says ‘we are unable to complete this transaction at this time’ Phone lines are down due to covid The messaging service is difficult to navigate Any help is appreciated!
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Re: Temporary limitation has been placed on the account



Sorry nothing you can do, you open a legal, financial account in a fake name so that account and any funds in it belong to the person with that fake name who can prove its their name with legal documentation.


As you can't the funds are permanently stuck. 

If the 'senders' of the funds used the friends / family option to send the money AND funded it via a credit card linked to their paypal account then see if their card issuer will help them get it back but they may also refuse as it was not a payment for a purchase.

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