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Temporary limitation. Customer being ignored. What can be done?


Temporary limitation. Customer being ignored. What can be done?


we have PP account registered under our LTD company. All was fine for the last year.

On 23rd September, we have received temporary limitation and bit of money has been locked. 

We sold some masks 3 months prior to that date. The limitation was that masks nowadays are too expensive (we are not selling them for more than 3 months now).

Without challenge, we removed PP option and did all that was requested by them by 24th September (next day). 
Limitation not removed. Called customer service numerous times.

Each time I am told it will take 48 hours. (twice, of course nothing happened)
Then told it will take 5 - 10 working days. 
Phoned yesterday to confirm the progress. Was told 24 hours more.
Phoned today, was it is only yesterday that customer adviser submitted my case to review team (?!?!?!??!), hence 3 - 5 working days more.....

Of course, there is no trust that this will happen. We no longer care about account with Paypal or continue using their PRO services or any payment gateway (we signed up with stripe already and working perfectly), however we want our company's money back.

Numerous emails - did not work, some of them are not even replied.

Numerous calls did not work. We are just being lied to about deadlines. Once deadline passes we are given another one. Paypal fails to meet their own given deadline again. Call. new deadline and so on.

What else we, as a company, can do as we are simply being ignored each time.