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Just got a bill from Paypal for a TAYYABSOLUT.  Its only a few dollars but I always pay by credit card.  The bill came snail mail.  I cannot recall a purchase on line when I asked to pay by check.  Overly suspicious perhaps but......  Can any one enlighten me?  What the heck is a TAYYABSOLUT?



Hi @mnsifford,


Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear you received a suspicious bill.


PayPal typically communicates by email and notifications in your PayPal account's messaging center. What you describe sounds like phishing attempt. I've never heard of phishing by snail mail, but I wouldn't put it past fraudsters to try it!


The only other thought I have is that maybe it's a collections request, if there was ever an account in the past that had an outstanding balance. If the letter states that it's from someone collecting on behalf of PayPal, this may be what the situation is.


I hope this helps!






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