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Swindled and Pay Pal NOT helping me.


Swindled and Pay Pal NOT helping me.

I filed a claim with Pay Pal.  Item shows delivered per the tracking info and Pay Pal closed my claim.  I cannot get anyone to help me. I ordered a sewing machine that weighs 18.5lbs.  The shipping label with my address was placed on a 3 oz bag type mailer.  It was delivered May 26, 2020.  It contained 5 black face masks. The cheap flimsy paper type.  I did not order this and the vendor is not responding.  Pay Pal will not give me a refund because I did not cancel the order.  Why would I cancel before receiving it?  How was I to know that the vendor would ship face masks and not a sewing machine??


How can I speak to someone at PayPal.  What is the point of having this account if you will not protect my purchase as you claim you will?  I feel ripped off a second time by Pay Pal.  

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Re: Swindled and Pay Pal NOT helping me.



Why did you open a dispute for non receipt of item and not item received but not as described?

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Re: Swindled and Pay Pal NOT helping me.

Going through the same issue, what is sad is Pay Pal is letting these idiots get away with it, I have video surveillance proving the items never ever delivered.