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Suspicious scam and didn't recieve refund after being told so.


Suspicious scam and didn't recieve refund after being told so.

I buy a service of 40$/month, but the service provider instantly charged me for 890$, and subscription is 890$/month. I felt I was scammed, so I cancelled the subscription, open a refund request in paypal, and contacted provider about it.

The provider seems to be not willing to refund, and ask me to cancel the refund request case via paypal, and keeps telling me he is busy. Since I closed the refund request, I can't open request case again, the only option is request an unauthorized transaction case, and paypal denied that case.

Today that provider told me my refund request is not cancelled, so he accepted that. But that case is not even existing, and I didn't see any refund in my activity. He probably lied to me.

I then requested a dispute in my bank, but it may take up to 60 days, and I didn't know if it will be approved.

I don't know what else I can do to solve this problem, I need help.


Edit 1: I've contacted with paypal customer services about this problem, and thankfully they filed a new refund case for me. I'm now waiting for feedback from suspicious provider.