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Suspicious Transaction text message?

New Community Member

Suspicious Transaction text message?

I paid for products in a transaction with China. Shortly afterwoods I received 3 text messages about an hour apart that indicated " A -$XXXX.XX USD transaction with ??? on September 29, 2017 was marked suspicious. Please reply "yes" if authorized or "No" if not authorized.

I replied about 1.25 hours after the last email and received "We're sorry, this request has expired. To access your account visit" The last part was an active link I did not click.

I checked my account and there was no indication of a problem.

Was this a ligitamate inquiry and why is there no mention of it on my account

New Community Member

Re: Suspicious Transaction text message?

I think this is a scam because I tried replying, didn't think a text could hurt, and it said 'you will be charged for messaging this number 62226, do you want to continue?'


I declined and don't believe paypal would charge users to reply to a security message. Some one is hoping to skim the £1 for a message.