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Summerhaul scam

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Summerhaul scam

ordered two sweaters in feb, bank account money went to <removed> you 1at paypal and this was a scam. i reported it to paypal and they actually favored the seller and closed this case. the company was summerhaul and they are not legit. anyone else out there have this issue with Paypal and Summerhaul.?? guess I am out 66.59. glad I did not order 500.00..considering never using paypal again as they did not do as they say they will when it comes to fraud.

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Re: Summerhaul scam



Strange you lost if you opened a dispute for non receipt of item?

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Hi - Same thing here. My money went to <removed>, I ordered what I though was a reborn doll thru the website called funnykidnow They sell reborn dolls for $100 and ship you a $1.00 piece of garbage. Paypal is asking for an intranet form for me to file my case as fraud, and the USPS can't provide this. I have gone thru dozens of hoops and my only hope is that by posting the names, banks and paypal seller emails this reply will help someone. I didn't think to file a claim thru my actual bank, and now my 3 month moratorium has passed. I should mention originally, I filed a claim on this because I never received the product. It took two months to receive and was tied up at paypal as a pending case. Therefore, when the tracking number notified paypal that it was RECEIVED, the case was immediately closed by paypal. I do think a deliberate attempt by others to scam people by using a paypal processing loophole.

They will steal from you by showing you photos of beautiful products and mailing you junk!


Paypal is blocking me from posting the paypal fraudulant email I received upon purchase confirmation.

IF your money went to the bank above, I would be concerned.