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Suing PayPal in small court


Re: Suing PayPal in small court

PayPal  has  been  holding  my  funds  for  over  4  months  now  without  giving  an  explanation  what  the  problem  is.  I  sent  a  certified  letter  to  their  legal  department  without  getting  a  response.  I  also  asked  them  several  times  to  escalate  this  issue  to  their  Executive  Office  but  they  kept  ignoring  my  request.  After  a  few nonsense  messages  from  CS  reps,  they  switched  to  automated  messages  which  don't  address  the  question  why  they  blocked  me  from  getting  access  to  my  funds.  


I  tried  to  request  a  check  and  it  looks  like  they  blocked  this  option  after  I  received  several  checks  at  my  PO  Box.   My  PO  Box  address  has  been  verified  several  times  and  I  sent  them  copies  with  that  address  again  via  certified  mail  because  the  fax  number  where  the  customer  is  supposed  to  fax  the  documents  to  is  not  a  fax  number.  I  went  several  times  to  Office  Max  and  when  they  tried  to fax  the  documents,  there  as  a  voice  saying  "If  you  want  to make  a call  please  hang  up  and  dial  again."   This  seems  to  be  a  phone  line  which  is  not  connected  to  a  fax  number.   Also  strange  that  a  company  which  has  a  sophisticated   IT  system  requires  its  customers  to  send  documents  via  Fax....    In  these  days  only  businesses  have  land  lines  or  fax  lines.


My  account  balance  is  close  to  $ 5,000.-   now  and  the  only  way  to  make  is  withdrawal  seems  to  be  to  file  a  small  claims  case.  


Re: Suing PayPal in small court

Yes you have to file a small claims and make sure you look up the registered agent for your state for the sheriff to serve not the corporate office, which was the information they kept trying to give me for the summons. Depending on the state Florida court dates for my county are 3-4 months out
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Re: Suing PayPal in small court

PayPal in some cases I agree for them to hold money incase of a dispute or charge back. But lots of products and services we sell or take money for are not covered by PayPal here is a list :- ************************************** Real estate Motorized vehicles Custom-made goods that are significantly not as described Industrial machinery Prepaid cards Items that violate our policies Anything bought in person (not over the internet) Send Money transactions to friends or family Disputes filed more than 180 days after the purchase for item not received and significantly not as described claims Unauthorized transaction claims reported more than 60 days after the transaction date of the transaction Items that were described accurately by the seller I add to this list DEPOSITS for goods ************************************** Now if they are not covered by this protection then I want to know two things 1. Why are they allowed to charge for the protection service that they do not cover for. 2. why do they still insist on holding the money if they are not obligated to refund it. This is a scam. I suggest a big 'ppi' angle on this as people are using PayPal for the purpose of protection Regardless of who is charged for this privilege it is money for nothing. I personally incorporate PayPal fees to the consumer so ultimately its the consumer paying for the protection. Thats protection they will not actually be covered. This I believe would warrant millions to be paid back to consumers. Thoughts??? I would also like to know why it takes days to withdraw some funds that have been released from previous holds yet on other occasions they withdraw instantly. We also pay a premium for customer support yet after many sent emails I have yet to have a human reply. All replys are automated and reiterates the crap you filter through to send the message in the first place. Also for such a huge and profitable company where is live chat? The lack of such service exemplifies how many complaints they are shying away from. If I had the money I would start proceedings.
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Re: Suing PayPal in small court

They’ve done this to me as well three separate times now because I’ve had to create a new account with a different email each time. Anytime I’ve spoken to an actual person, they’ve told me that they will not tell me how I have violated the policy. I’m already looking into a lawyer because I am beyond furious. I’m going to attempt to get a small amount of compensation as well as have my PayPal account reinstated permanently.
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Re: Suing PayPal in small court



If paypal have banned you and no longer want your business then you are not allowed to open other paypal accounts.

If you do then they will be banned as well.

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