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Suggestion for paypal management


Suggestion for paypal management

Hello paypal community and team,


This suggestions came from when I got problem with account limitations and i saw topic about

1. paypal account limitation what you need to know 

Seriously that's topic not help us, it just increase post with many same problems everyday


I believe all of your users respect with your terms, all user also not hesitate about your KYC process. But please respect your users too, this is not harassment bullying to you, just suggestion.


I think paypal crm is really horible, everything seems not connected, look at below why


1. make integrated paypal crm/support.

Why i told that crm seems not connected, look at picture below

There's no one answer my tickets

Sent messages

Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 04.38.23.png

Inbox message

Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 04.40.22.png


But there's new messages on my email, it should in my inbox too not only in my email.


Where i should my Case ID? In resolution center, i thinks no

Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 04.46.15.png

So where i can track my case id? using phone call?


2. KYC process take too long and long time

Your KYC process, take too long time and not efficient and not experience about legal document in some countries

We(paypal) accept a copy of:
  - Utility bills (phone and broadband services, health insurance, gas, water, electricity, etc.)
  - Bank or credit card statements
  - Any other government-issued letters or statements in your name

We(paypal) do not accept:
  - Purchase receipts/invoices
  - Partial documents
  - Screenshots of your online banking or service pages


I live in indonesia, and and our legal document's may different in your country. To process this KYC i used

KK : Kartu Keluarga (Family Document) issued and signed by real government, not issued by only head of neighbor(RT/RW)

SKCK : Surat keterangan catatan kepolisian issued and signed by police department, not issued by only one police


In all of document above, there's real address. But when i upload those kind of document, i got rejected. Why?

Maybe someone told me, please use this

- Utility bills (phone and broadband services, health insurance, gas, water, electricity, etc.)

I don't have any utility bills. Phone, broadband, electricity, most of them use digital invoice where you wont believe it.
  - Bank or credit card statements

I never used credit card and not want to use that. What about saving book? In those book(in some bank), no address written anywhere on those book
  - Any other government-issued letters or statements in your name

I've done, but still rejected because of paypal think it's not issued by government


Solutions :

a. at least paypal know document template using in some country, not limited with only my issue

b. make branch office in other country, so you know regulations


I believe your team/employee is open mind people that will not easy to banned peoples because of this letter/topic