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Subscription Cancellation Not Recognised - Cannot Appeal Dispute


Subscription Cancellation Not Recognised - Cannot Appeal Dispute

I signed up to a careers portal called Jobleads. You can't the discount period before it turns into a subscription. We have all been caught out in the past by forgetting to cancel the renewal. In this I diarised it and sent the email 2 months before the subscription was due to renew (3 month subscription). The site doesn't have a subscriptions setting function so you can only do this by email.  They did not action the request to cancel the subscription and the charge came via paypal 2 months later.

I raised a dispute with paypal and supplied them with a screenshot of the sellers T&Cs and of the cancellation email sent on 25th August. Paypal however later closed the case and ruled in favour of the merchant saying I had not responded to their request for further information which was untrue.  Perhaps they don't have enough categories for the disputes to team to indicate the detail.

I call Paypal today, they keep repeating the case was closed because I haven't responded to request for information which gets me a bit annoyed.  So I ask them to look at the detail of the case and confirm whether they can see that I have in fact responded with more information.  However still repeats the same line again "the case states you haven't responded to request for information". Grrr...  After some push back, it turns out that what Paypal what to see is an acknowledgement of my cancellation request from the merchant! But because the merchant won't reply to my initial cancellation request or subsequent emails where I mention the cancellation request of 25th August, then Paypal will not recognise my request to cancel the subscription. I find this situation bizarre to say the least.

I have since tried to appeal the case which has just now been closed but after allowing me to type my appeal case and include 5 attachments of (2 x screenshots and 3 x PDF of correspondence) an error shows not allowing me to complete the appeal.  It looks like an error, but Paypal customer confirm they can see my attempt to submit the appeal and attachments - so I don't know whether it is by design or is a genuine error.

My issues are that 1. (a) Jobleads are at best very poor at admin and can't find my email (including subsequently sharing the attachments) or (b) are playing a game where they know that if they don't acknowledge my cancellation request they can get another 3 months subscription from me at €99.97.  Which looks kind of fraudulent to me.  2. Paypal won't recognise my cancellation request because the merchant refuse to acknowledge it. 3. Paypal won't let me appeal the dispute now that they have closed it staying "I have not responded to request for further information" - they refuse to recognise that I have attempted to cancel the subscription.  Overall I find this situation extremely poor from a customer perspective. So much so that I will never use Paypal again unless I get some decent resolution of the matter.  Has anyone else experienced something similar?  If not, be sure to watch out for the trick of a seller not responding to your email request to cancel a subscription so that they can squeeze another installment from you!