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Stupid disputing, can I get advice?

New Community Member

Stupid disputing, can I get advice?

I originally sent a dispute over the wrong person. This was inaccurate, it was just the first thing I could find for a F&F dispute.

Anyways, now I can't re-dispute it.

I would prefer anything.

Dude told me buying BTC was not against the rules of paypal (pretty sure it is), so I obliged.

He never sent BTC. I honestly don't care if the money is pocketed at this point, and us both banned. The dude scammed me and lied to me, I should have checked. Proof here. I know this is community forums, but. 


Volunteer Advisor

Re: Stupid disputing, can I get advice?



The only dispute you can file on F&F payment is likely Unauthorized Transaction but since you actually made the payment, you will lose that dispute. F&F payments does not have purchase protection so you negated your right to dispute by sending a gift payment for goods.

Kudos are greatly appreciated. Smiley Happy