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Strange/unauthorized account changes

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Strange/unauthorized account changes



I'm in the U.S. Some very strange things happening with my long-held Paypal account.


1. The site defaults to French. I've never communicated in French

2. There's a business created/associated with my account. It's called CRYSTAL and lists an address in St. Petersburg, FL. No clue who/what this is.

3. The phone number somehow now associated with my account is in China


There appears to be no unauthorized transactions on the account (yet). But clearly something has been compromised. I changed my password.


Please let me know what I should do.




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Re: Strange/unauthorized account changes



I would remove anything that should not be there or change it back to your own information.

Change your password and security questions.

Do a virus / malware scan on your devices.

Keep an eye on any linked funding sources for unusual activity. 

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