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Strange message from paypal

New Community Member

Strange message from paypal

I recently got his message from paypal (see image I know it's in Dutch), translated is says "we need more of your information. Someone tried to

send money to you via paypal, but the amount exceeds the limits set by the European law. If you want to lift this limit

you have to confirm your identity." I also received the exact same message on my e-mail account with the date 4-4-2021

but I didn't do anything with my account on that date and I wouldn't know anyone who would send me anything via paypal

I don't really care about removing the limits on my account right now I just want to understand who supposedly tried to send

money to my paypal. As a precaution I changed both my e-mail and paypal passwords but yeah I'm not very good at this internet stuff

paypal weird stuff.PNG