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Strange YouTube music charge. Looks identical to legit subscription.

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Strange YouTube music charge. Looks identical to legit subscription.

I'm at a loss. I have an unusual charge of .72 cents that says it came from Google youtube music, which I do subscribe to. The weird charge of .72 cents came the day before my actual monthly charge of 10.69. I disputed the charge with PayPal as it looks like youtube messed up and charged me twice. While I waited for a reply from paypals resolution center I contacted YouTube and asked about the charge. Youtube has no record of charging me .72 cents. The rep helps me look into it more and I find that this charge doesnt show up on my google transaction history either. The next morning I receive an email from PayPal stating they have closed my claim because its a previously authorized charge. I do subscribe to youtube music so I did authorize them to take out the monthly fee however, there is no history of this charge on my google account. I was able to get PayPal to reopen the claim but i still dont think they are looking at it correctly. They reopened it as "not received item" I would like paypal to look into the google account that generated the agreement because it wasnt mine. The charge itself is questionable. Youtube music isnt selling subscriptions for .72 cents. How is it that I'm telling customer service all this and they still tell me it's a legit charge. How can it be legit if the merchant says there is no record of this charge on my account? Really not sure what else to do other than close my PayPal account if they refuse to resolve this.
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Re: Strange YouTube music charge. Looks identical to legit subscription.

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While we are waiting for the decision of your re-opened case, please check your billing agreement or subscriptions in your PayPal account, kindly cancel any existing if necessary.


For your reference, please click the link/s below.


How do I cancel a billing agreement, automatic recurring payment or subscription on PayPal? 



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